BCPs are community locations and centres that have been provided with a high-speed broadband connection. As each one goes live, they become part of a family of 300 BCPs – a truly national network of digitally-enabled rural communities.

Over the coming years, BCPs will be supported to make the best possible use of their new connectivity. To help with this, DRCD, the Local Authorities, Vodafone Ireland and our partners will roll out a number of development programmes in the following areas:


Using high-speed connectivity, BCPs can be used for online medical consultations, counselling and supporting the use of medical devices, and can also allow for a range of remote clinical interactions.

Remote Working

Working with a number of partners, including the National Hub Network and Grow Remote, BCPs will be supported to provide remote working facilities for local people, reducing commutes and supporting community development.

Education and Training

Many BCPs are already places of learning. From essential skills training to the pursuit of sports and hobbies, the importance of community spaces for self-improvement is clear. That’s why BCPs will be supported to use digital connectivity to add more courses, and offer a much more diverse range of training and education opportunities.

Arts and Culture

BCPs will be used as places for creativity and sharing skills, talents and ideas. Whether facilitating online arts groups, musical instruction or film festivals – each BCP has the potential to become a museum, concert venue or centre of excellence with a nationwide reach. Just think — what does your community have to share with the country?

More initiatives coming soon.